Steer Rite Boat Seat Lift Plans

Steer Rite Boat Seat Lift plans -- the solution to poor visibility while piloting your center console boat or pontoon

You know how expensive leaning posts and commercial seat lifts can be – especially those made to withstand saltwater conditions. And you know the solution shouldn't set you back $250-$750. We explored the use of wood, plastic and metals, or retrofitting existing materials. Then we finally found the solution we were looking for -- extremely durable, easy to install, and very affordable.

Introducing: The Steer Rite Boat Seat Lift – use our plans to build a custom cooler seat lift for your boat, dock or pontoon. Raise your seat 3,4,5,6...up to 12 inches! Give yourself a new boating experience in just one hour!

Look at these advantages:
  • Easy DIY project

  • Custom fit -- you choose your seat height!

  • No new holes in your boat 

  • No joints to work loose

  • Sturdy cast construction will outlast your boat

  • Works great for both fresh and saltwater

  • Rust-free design

  • No sliding or slipping

  • No maintenance

Tools required: power drill, pliers, screwdriver, measuring tape
Estimated project time: less than 1 hour

"Developed by fishermen for saltwater center console boats and water-tested in the Gulf of Mexico – works great whenever you need a cooler seat boosted for better visibility and boat driving comfort. Will easily handle all types of boating conditions." 

Use the plan - save $100-$500 over retail leaning post and seat lift applications 

         Cost Example:

     3” lift materials cost under $25     
     6” lift materials cost under $50
     8” lift materials cost under $75

What you get with the Steer Rite Boat Seat Lift Plan:

*Simple step by step installation instructions w/photographs
*Direct supplier link and material specifications
*Free plan shipping -- instant plan download
*Years of safe and comfortable boating

(digital plans will be e-mailed following payment)

**Buy your plans now before material and shipping prices increase again**

Order securely with Paypal!  

You pay just:
$14.99 -- order your plans today! 


"Now I can actually see where I'm going." R.S., Minnesota.

"Easy afternoon project...the kids love it...thanks."  J.N., Wisconsin

"Really sturdy, this is the answer." L.S., Florida

"It's like a whole new to drive now."  J.V., Florida

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