PSR adopts DIY approach for 2019

Make our place your place for your 2019 Duck Camp
It's fair to say that after 17 years of providing waterfowl outfitting on North Dakota's Missouri Coteau (a.k.a the Prairie Pothole Region) time has caught up with our operation at Prairie Smoke Ranch -- we're not getting any younger and the physical demands of setting up a dozen blinds, hauling boats and placing hundreds of decoys has just become too much for our family.  As a result we are going to a "Do It Yourself" operation, where you select and set up blind locations and decoy spreads as you wish.  We still offer clean, comfortable on-site lodging with the amenities of any good hunting camp; cleaning shed, freezers, kennels, and room to roam -- but beyond that your camp will be what you make it.

We have learned over the years that our hunters greatly value the "exclusive access" offered by Prairie Smoke Ranch. There may be hundreds of birds in or just a few, but one thing you can count on is that only you and your crew will have access to our 20+ lakes and sloughs while you hunt with us.  We don't like drama or surprises any more than you do.

What we do like is no competition, no sky-busting and the ability to let the birds work the sets. Then after the "bang-splash" let's let those dogs work like they're supposed to.  Chances are, this is how you grew up duck hunting, many years ago.  Throw in some star-lit mornings, crisp moon-lit evenings and a warm camp-fire or two, and you have the makings for an old-time duck camp to remember.  

Upland hunters too can try their luck on our wild prairie birds.  It seems most folks east of us spend a lot of time chasing pen-raised birds.  That's all well and good, but do your dog and your ownself a favor and chase some wild North Dakota birds borne of the open prairie.  The missus used to chase pheasants when she lived in the Dakota south of us and readily admits South Dakota pheasant genetics must have been compromised by an overzealous Leghorn or Rhode Island Red on some dark night in the past.  Have your fun with these "pheasants" -- then come up and try your hand on some real North Dakota birds.  These sons of the prairie are true trophies which will demand the best of you and your dog before succumbing to your game bag. 

We will begin to take 2019 bookings shortly. For details please visit our website: 

The author is a former US Fish and Wildlife Service and US Department of Agriculture manager. In retirement he owns and operates Prairie Smoke Ranch, located in central North Dakota, the duck hunting hub of the northern plains. All rights reserved.

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