Cold, wet spring

Rotten weather & Cans

Rotten weather & Cans

We've had a very cold and wet spring so far. Been waiting a week to spray the food plots and get in some fishing. Today was the first break. The good news is the Canvasbacks are in -- saw a group of 9 with 8 drakes by the Pass and scattered pairs around the ranch. Seems late but we are having a late spring. Temp this morning was 32 degrees with frost. Warmed up nicely and got the spraying in on the food plots and north pasture -- jumped three hens on nests so that was encouraging. No ticks yet cause it's too cold.

Still seeing a lot of sharptails, many more than is typical for this time of year. Dogs are busy chasing the roosters on our forays in the field -- hope the hens are on nests but unless this weather turns those pheasant chicks will be having a hard time of it.

With the cold and high winds fishing has been non-existent. May be able to get out later in week. Planning to make a big batch of venison sausage this week. May have to get some trout for the smoker -- they don't care how cold it is. Life is good on the prairie. Work those dogs.

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