Prairie Smoke Ranch

Classic Waterfowl Hunting – the way you remember it!

1/2 cost lease now available for 2-4 hunters

Private bunkhouse, full access to acreage

We are splitting the lease for Oct 21-25 and still have room for a group of 2-4 hunters with their own private bunkhouse. Rate is $750 per person, discount for family groups. Contact us today at 701-537-4171 to put together a hunt. We are a COVID-free camp, vaccinations required.

This will be our last year. After 20 years of waterfowl guiding and outfitting in the nation's duck factory, time has caught up with us and we are offering Prairie Smoke Ranch's cattle and cropping ranch and hunting operation for sale.

We hope the new owners will appreciate the wonders of the Missouri Coteau hills and potholes and the fish and wildlife that live here as much as we have. As such, this will very likely be the final year of hunting at Prairie Smoke Ranch under our management.

Setting blocks on our Bluebill Lake
Over the last 20 years the cornerstones of our success at Prairie Smoke Ranch have stayed the same – safe, clean, comfortable accommodations, exclusive on-site access to our acreage, and furthering the traditions of hunting, dog work and the pursuit of game with respect and admiration. Our birds are all wild, as is the landscape and our waterways where the birds were hatched and fledged. This is hunting – the way you remember it.

We are located in the hills of the Missouri (River) Coteau, in North Dakota Prairie Pothole country--simply the last best place for duck hunting in the Northern Plains. You will NOT harvest a greater variety of waterfowl anywhere in North America than right here at Prairie Smoke Ranch.  As many as 13 different species have arrived in the cleaning shed after a single morning's hunt.

Come join us, bring friends and a dog or two and make some memories. 


"I am so glad to have found Prairie Smoke Ranch!  Me and my hunting buddies make a trip to the prairie pothole region of North Dakota every year to hunt waterfowl and upland birds.  PSR is situated perfectly in the heart of area and is prime for any type hunting you want to do.  On the ranch, we’ve had great success with waterfowl, pheasant, and sharp tail grouse.  The whole property is easy to access with your truck or 4 wheeler so it is easy to hunt and get around.  And if you want variety, there are plenty of opportunities in close driving distance off property that hold tons of birds.  The amenities on site are perfect for hunters!  Nice bunkhouses with kitchens, the house has a good bathroom with shower and mud room for your gear.  The cleaning shed has everything you need to process your game and preserve it for the trip home.  PSR is the only place in the area we consider each year!"
J.S.  -- Kentucky

Our 870 rolling acres contain lakes and wetlands ranging in size from 1 to 60 acres. Prairie Smoke Ranch is a family-owned working ranch managed for waterfowl and upland game production. At last count we attracted 18 species of ducks, snow, Canada and whitefront geese, tundra swans, sandhill cranes, doves, ring-necked pheasants, sharptail grouse, Hungarian partridge, white-tailed and mule deer (plus the occasional moose and elk). Dozens of non-game species also call the ranch home.

"You will NOT harvest a greater variety of waterfowl anywhere in
North America than right here at Prairie Smoke Ranch."

On-site lodging in private bunkhouses and private bathroom 
Exclusive access to all ranch property --- 20+ sloughs/lakes 
Selection of pre-placed blinds for your use
Heated mudroom with wader hangers and outlets
Full kitchen and BBQ grill w/propane
Cleaning shed with freezers, power plucker, bird breaster
Trap throwers/rifle shooting bench

Nonresident Hunters Welcome!

Quote for the Day: 
 “ Cool temps and fall rains can't come soon enough." Prairie Pothole Journal