10/12/18 North Dakota Duck Hunting Report

Big changes in migration 
Our miserable sloppy weather has been replaced with cold temps and strong North/Northwest winds and the birds are moving.  Last night many of the small ponds and some smaller shallow sloughs froze up -- we expect the same to happen tonight.  As a result many birds have moved out and the rest are concentrated on the larger water bodies with open water.  Our birds on the board today were dominated by gaddies again, which continue to decoy well, along with mallards, redheads and GWT. The wigeon seemed to have moved on.

A major crane and snow goose movement has begun -- the skies have been filled with both all day today as they rode a brisk Northwest wind southward. 
Saw several groups of cacklers, larger groups of obviously migrating mallards and more swans, which also continue to pour through.  Mud remains a significant issue and those without dogs will face tough retrieving conditions.  We are dropping a lot of birds into the vegetation surrounding our sloughs because of the low water which leads to even more dog work.

Expected low of 21 degrees tonight and 50 tomorrow, which will be our warmest day for the last week. Breezy southwest wind will keep the birds here for a couple days. Then temps will dip again with highs in the 30s/40s for the next few days and another northwest wind.  Expect hunting will remain solid unless and until weather settles down.  The question is: when will we run out of new, northern birds? Are they all coming down early?  Check back for more updates.
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