Because you have exclusive hunting access to the entire ranch, there's no need to compete with other hunting parties or rise in the middle of the night to find a good spot to hunt - and no "skybusting" or crowding. Hunt when and where you want and how you want. PSR hunters  generally hunt waterfowl and cranes in the morning, ducks in the evening, and upland birds in the afternoon. 

A good morning shoot
With over 500 acres of native prairie and a mix of hay and wildlife food plots, the 870 acres of the ranch provide ideal nesting, migration and wintering habitat for both migratory and resident gamebirds. In all, 17 species of ducks (mallard, pintail, wood-duck, gadwall, blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, cinnamon teal, widgeon, shoveler, lesser scaup, ringneck, redhead, canvasback, ruddy, bufflehead, scoter and goldeneye) have been documented on the ranch along with tundra swans, greater and lesser Canada geese, snow and blue and whitefront geese, and dozens of other shorebirds and upland birds.
Big shoot on the big water

Most hunting is done from hip boots or waders. Both waterfowl and upland bird hunting is available within a few minutes walking or driving distance from the bunkhouses. We recommend guests bring 4-wheel drive vehicles or ATVs to maximize hunting opportunities. Guests also have access to thousands of acres of public hunting land nearbyWe DO NOT provide dogs, guiding or scouting service, however all guests are given an orientation and maps to the ranch property upon arrival.