An Important Note About Conservation at Prairie Smoke Ranch

Because of our location (in the most productive waterfowl breeding and migration area of North America), the weather, and just plain old good luck and good shooting, we have been fortunate to experience some fantastic waterfowl and upland game hunting over the years. We have managed our property toward maximizing spring waterfowl production via rotational grazing, delayed haying, and invasive species and predator control. We have also established refuge areas on our property to allow migrating waterfowl rest areas in the fall. While we realize most of the waterfowl we produce will leave our property -- that's okay. As landowners we recognize we are stewards of a tiny but important part of the nation's waterfowl breeding grounds, and as such we have an obligation to manage this property responsibly. Whenever possible in our ranch operation, we have sided with wildlife.

We also recognize that safe, ethical hunters hold the future of waterfowling in their hands. While we are hunters and enjoy a good hunt as much as anyone else, we caution our potential lessees that we will not tolerate the willful violation of any game laws, especially as related to waterfowl, and will follow-up with appropriate state and federal wildlife authorities whenever warranted. This includes the proper (legal) cleaning, storage, and transportation of game birds.

If you share our philosophy we welcome you to the ranch - if you don't, we ask that you take your business elsewhere.

Thank you!

for your interest in wildlife conservation.